T (9:32:56 PM): lol, I always have fun

Y (9:33:01 PM): pfft

Y (9:33:09 PM): but not with ME

T (9:33:14 PM): right!

T (9:33:19 PM): well, not with you IN PERSON

Y (9:33:28 PM): lol, exactly

Y (9:33:41 PM): and you know what’ll happen, right?

Y (9:33:51 PM): we will sit in awkward silence for 4 days

T (9:33:57 PM): haha, wont happen

Y (9:33:59 PM): cuz karma is a bitch

T (9:34:10 PM): I was going to say that we will sit huddled around the computer with wine in our hands?

Y (9:34:26 PM): lol, that sounds about right. we won’t know how to change our habits

T (9:34:32 PM): haha

Y (9:34:48 PM): but at least i’ll be able to hear you

T (9:34:54 PM): likewise

Y (9:35:06 PM): and your fucked up accent

T (9:35:11 PM): my fucked up accent?

Y (9:35:15 PM): lol

T (9:35:16 PM): whatever

T (9:35:27 PM): I am not the one who talks like they live in fargo

Y (9:35:35 PM): tell F i’ll bring my magic bath mats

T (9:35:41 PM): hahaha, that rocks

Y (9:36:00 PM): and don’t be suprised if i’m wearing an eye patch when you pick me up

T (9:36:07 PM): pirate hooker?

Y (9:36:12 PM): damn skippy!

Y (9:36:16 PM): arr!

T (9:36:21 PM): well, you will be in the right state




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