Internet Dating

T (9:36:35 PM): so have you considered internet dating?

Y (9:36:41 PM): ack. hell no

Y (9:36:44 PM): NO

T (9:36:49 PM): why not?

Y (9:36:55 PM): why would i?

T (9:37:02 PM): free dinner?

Y (9:37:22 PM): i like redbull and bacon, that’s not very expensive anyway

T (9:37:23 PM): possibly meeting someone that takes your breath away

T (9:37:30 PM): just saying

Y (9:37:32 PM): yeah, over the internet

Y (9:37:34 PM): great idea

T (9:37:47 PM): it happens

Y (9:37:52 PM): that’s how my dad met his wife

T (9:37:58 PM): see!

Y (9:37:58 PM): and my friends hooked up

Y (9:38:04 PM): yeah, but they’re freaks

Y (9:38:09 PM): and my dads old

T (9:38:09 PM): and you arent?

Y (9:38:16 PM): no, like dorky freaks.

T (9:38:21 PM):

Y (9:38:23 PM): i am not dorky. i’m just freaky

Y (9:38:39 PM): i give up on men

T (9:38:48 PM): you can meet women on the internet too

Y (9:38:54 PM): i’m over women

Y (9:39:03 PM): i hate most of them

Y (9:39:10 PM): why would i want to date one?

T (9:39:13 PM): last I was in the market, they only came in one of those two flavors

Y (9:39:18 PM): lol

Y (9:39:27 PM): that’s why i’m abstaining and fucking ghosts

T (9:39:31 PM): rofl

Y (9:40:23 PM): the only men that seem interested in me are weak willed pussies i can walk all over

Y (9:40:29 PM): that’s not my kind of guy

Y (9:40:37 PM): so i quit

Y (9:40:45 PM): but i’m done with cats too

T (9:40:54 PM): right

T (9:42:24 PM): I wish I could make a reality tv show about you

Y (9:42:32 PM): gee thanks

T (9:42:40 PM): i think it would be interesting

Y (9:42:44 PM): that would get tons of followers

T (9:42:44 PM): I would watch it

Y (9:42:45 PM): pfft

Y (9:43:06 PM): they could watch me get drunk while i chainsmoke and type on my computer

T (9:43:09 PM): Im annoying you tonight, I think 😛

Y (9:43:28 PM): lol, no, of course not. but what’s with all the quesions? augh!!!!!!!!

Y (9:44:09 PM): i just think you think i’m way more deep and interesting than i really am

T (9:44:12 PM): well, you are my best friend and so I tend to think about you a lot, so then i formulate these little ideas in my brain but they require fact checking and what not

Y (9:44:20 PM): lol

Y (9:44:34 PM): and what conclusions have you come to?

T(9:44:36 PM): none of these ideas ever go anywere

Y (9:44:42 PM): (btw, you like me because i’m like you)

T (9:45:04 PM): (so stop saying you aren’t deep and interesting, because I am.)



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