Y (10:12:50 PM): once sucked, btw

T (10:12:55 PM): WHAT THE FUCK

Y (10:13:02 PM): i turned it off not even half way through

T (10:13:03 PM): its like you just punched me in the face

Y (10:13:05 PM): BORING!

Y (10:13:19 PM): and the songs….do they have to play the WHOLE SONG?

T (10:13:25 PM): not boring and the music was amazing

Y(10:13:28 PM): every time?

T (10:13:29 PM): der, its a musical

Y (10:13:32 PM): lol

Y (10:13:36 PM): not so much for me

Y (10:13:48 PM): have i mentioned that i loathe the song writing process

Y (10:13:56 PM): annoys the fuck out of me

T (10:14:01 PM): thats because you are a dog turd

Y (10:14:17 PM): right. so that movie was a special kind of torture for me

Y (10:14:21 PM): thanks

T (10:14:22 PM): its amazing!

Y (10:14:23 PM): love you too!

Y (10:14:29 PM): gah

T (10:14:41 PM): but you liked such classics like Enchanted.

Y (10:14:48 PM): lol, right

T (10:14:59 PM): have you see shaun of the dead?

T (10:15:04 PM): i have it recorded

Y (10:15:05 PM): because it was entertaining

Y (10:15:08 PM): i love that movie

Y (10:15:14 PM): and i hate stupid horror flicks

T (10:15:16 PM): you don’t like movies that make you feel things?

Y (10:15:22 PM): no.

T (10:15:27 PM): you don’t want to be moved



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