T (10:36:32 PM): sorry again the miles thing didn’t work out

T (10:36:38 PM): didn’t see that shit coming

Y (10:36:49 PM): no big deal. we found a great deal anyway

T (10:36:51 PM): but, it’s probably for the best, since the ticket is like the same price

Y (10:36:54 PM): see, it worked out!

Y (10:37:12 PM): and maybe that plane will crash so it’s for the best

Y (10:37:41 PM): i told you, i would’ve spent $600 in gas driving anyway

Y (10:38:05 PM): now i’ll only spend about $200 in the airport bars

T (10:38:09 PM): right

T (10:38:16 PM): well, at 7am?

T(10:38:18 PM): yikes

Y (10:38:24 PM): ESPECIALLY at 7am



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