Dirty Pirate Hookers

T (10:39:13 PM): F looked over at me tonight during dinner and said something like “I am so excited for you.”

Y (10:39:20 PM): aww!

T (10:39:29 PM): in fact he just came out and said “who ya chatting with?”

T (10:39:56 PM): I said Y and he goes “is she excited? are you excited? are you both just like ‘AAAAAAAHHHHHH!'”

T (10:40:01 PM): I nodded excitedly

Y (10:40:20 PM): i’m kind of disappointed he won’t be there to pick me up with you. i bought an eyepatch

T (10:40:24 PM): haha

T (10:40:29 PM): we will pick him up from work

T (10:40:37 PM): you can present it to him then

Y (10:40:44 PM): even better! now the people at the airport won’t think i’m crazy

T (10:40:54 PM): and none of the girls are going out with us – mother’s day bitches

Y (10:41:05 PM): damn, now i need an eyepatch

T (10:41:08 PM): lol

Y (10:41:12 PM): fuck those sluts

T (10:41:15 PM): but you will get to meet them

Y (10:41:19 PM): it’s ok, i work alone anyway

T (10:41:25 PM): because, F and i work at the same place

Y (10:41:30 PM): i know!

T (10:41:34 PM): i know you know!

T (10:41:41 PM): it’s all so exciting!

Y (10:41:45 PM): that will be my ‘PROFESSIONAL’ outfit day

T (10:41:57 PM): it doesnt matter, they have all seen pictures

Y (10:42:01 PM): oh great

T (10:42:05 PM): besides, Friday is casual friday

T (10:42:07 PM): jeans and all

Y (10:42:14 PM): so much for a good impression

T (10:42:17 PM): oh pfft

Y (10:42:40 PM): i don’t care! i’ll be wearing an eye patch and shouting DIRTY PIRATE HOOKERS at them all

Y (10:42:58 PM): and then i’ll ask them to try my magic bathmats

Y (10:43:05 PM): they are all going to want to fuck me

T (10:43:34 PM): thats true

T (10:43:37 PM): F works in IT

Y (10:43:43 PM): ok

T (10:43:45 PM): so the men there are not picky

Y (10:43:55 PM): thanks cuz



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