Rip currents

T (10:24:37 PM): you don’t go in the water without a grownup knowing

Y (10:24:41 PM): lol

T (10:24:47 PM): you know about rip currents?

T (10:24:57 PM): (its that time of year)

Y (10:24:58 PM): is that anything like rip torn?

Y (10:25:08 PM): i assure you i probably won’t swim

Y (10:25:13 PM): i have my hair to think about

Y (10:25:20 PM): it may turn green

T (10:25:30 PM): right, not the pool – the ocean

Y (10:25:32 PM): lol, kidding

Yy (10:25:37 PM): it’ll just be icky

Y (10:25:41 PM): and i don’t like icky hair

Y (10:25:44 PM): i’m a girl

T (10:25:48 PM): Rip currents can be killers. The United States Lifesaving Association estimates that the annual number of deaths due to rip currents on our nation’s beaches exceeds 100. Rip currents account for over 80% of rescues performed by surf beach lifeguards.

T (10:25:54 PM): I am doing my dooty

Y (10:25:56 PM): you’re going to laugh at the extent of my girliness

Y(10:26:08 PM): sweet

Y (10:26:23 PM): then i will go no further than ankle deep

T (10:26:25 PM): I will give you a review when you arrive as to what to do should you find yourself caught in one

Y (10:26:31 PM): which is fine so the sharks don’t get me

T (10:26:34 PM): don’t want you to drown

T (10:26:38 PM): god forbid

T (10:26:43 PM): your hair



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