T (9:55:13 PM): what do you want to do?

Y (9:55:19 PM): absolutely nothing

T (9:55:23 PM): just veg and drink and go to the beach?

Y (9:55:26 PM): yup

T (9:55:30 PM): I rock at that

Y (9:55:35 PM): lol

Y (9:55:46 PM): i need and honesttogod break from all things real

T (9:56:09 PM): we can stay up late and eat bacon and watch movies and drink!

T (9:56:15 PM): we can drink BOGO wine!

T (9:56:32 PM): you have to smoke outside though

T (9:56:37 PM): lol

T (9:56:45 PM): but we have patio furniture

Y (9:57:05 PM): i dont care if it’s warm

T (9:57:11 PM): which it is

Y (9:57:23 PM): lol, good

Y (9:57:50 PM): and i’m definately going to want to dance my ass off in slutty clothes

T (9:57:59 PM): hmm

Y (9:58:00 PM): especially when i’m drunk on wine

T (9:58:07 PM): in a club?

Y (9:58:23 PM): pfft. anywhere that serves alcohol will do

Y (9:58:44 PM): a gay club!

Y (9:58:46 PM): i want gays

Y (9:58:48 PM): in a club

T (9:58:54 PM): oh lord

Y (9:58:56 PM): and dancing

T (9:59:07 PM): i have not been to a club since I was 19

Y (9:59:12 PM): lol, you don’t know what you’re getting into with me coming out

T (9:59:29 PM): we could take over mom’s condo one night

T (9:59:41 PM): and then we dont have to worry about drinking/driving

Y (9:59:41 PM): i’m going to bring my stipper heels. and i may or may not wear panties

T (9:59:47 PM): rofl

T (9:59:49 PM): great.

Y (10:00:04 PM): just a warning. so you can’t say i’m crazy. i told you i am

T (10:00:21 PM): do you want it to be just you and I or can F go to da club too?

Y (10:00:43 PM): the more the merrier! and if you have a hot random friend, he’s welcome too.

Y (10:00:47 PM): as long as he has no stds

T (10:00:54 PM): not going to taste test

Y (10:01:08 PM): you or me?



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