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May 1, 2008

T: you still there?

Y (10:22:33 PM): psyhically, yes

Y (10:22:43 PM): god, that looks so wrong

Y (10:22:58 PM): physically

Y (10:23:05 PM): physicallish

Y (10:23:07 PM): lol

Y (10:23:11 PM): and the wine is gone

T (10:23:20 PM): aww

T (10:23:25 PM): why is the wine always gone?

Y (10:23:32 PM): cuz i drink it

Y (10:23:33 PM): fast

Y (10:23:37 PM): and with relish

Y (10:23:42 PM): not the pickle kind


Blood cells
May 1, 2008

T: what happens if you drink while you are on antibiotics?

Y: your white blood cells will attack the red wine

T: what if i am drinking white wine? does it happen the other way? red blood cells attacking the white wine?

Y: sounds reasonable

Y: are there beer cells?

T: no, i see a flaw in your logic now